Technology doesn't have to be hard.

Identify what you need and what you don't with our help.
We are a consulting agency based in Danbury, Connecticut. We work with clients everywhere.
Software Development

Custom solutions that meet business needs generate revenue. We specialize in web and mobile apps using both Microsoft ASP.NET and open source tools.

Team Augmentation

You have most of the pieces but the team needs guidance. Add our experience and know-how to your project.

Enterprise Coaching

Meeting the needs of the enterprise leaves you little time for the latest tech. From cloud to the Internet of Things we provide expertise on what your business can benefit from today.

Identity & Access

Unify your identity and access story to securely authenticate employees and partners. We offer guidance in single sign-on access to on-premises and cloud applications, claims-aware development and Identity Provider setup.

Manufacturing Experience

Over a decade of experience in assisting manufacturers with technology. Unlock the data in that hairy ERP with web and mobile applications that give your employees the answers they need in real time.


Let's face it, the days of on-premises data centers are numbered. We help clients move to Office 365 for mail and collaboration tools. We build software hosted in Microsoft Azure or AWS; no hardware upgrades, no OS patching, no muss, no fuss.

Unified Identity
Bigelow Tea
Sales Promotions
Renaissance Capital
Private/Public Web Presence
Solaflect Energy
Online Telemetry & Command System
Incident Tracking
Daily Spin
Public Website


We believe every technology project should serve business needs. The goal of a project must be kept closely in mind lest the short-term tasks of implementation crowd it out. When the aim of a project is kept clear then decisions become easier and success can be measured.

Leverage our experience guiding successful projects in your enterprise. We can build cutting edge software that integrates with the legacy systems that run your business thereby unlocking data and advantages. We can help you acquire a domain, hosting, professional email to meet the needs of a growing enterprise. Perhaps you just need someone to cut through the jargon and identify what you need and what you don't.